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Stage 2 in Mesothelioma Cancer

2nd Stage In Mesothelioma cancer


In the case of mesothelioma at stage two, the cancer has not spread far from the place it started, and the treatment options to remove it completely from the body of the patient suffering from the disease are more effective and more life increasing.

Stage 2 in Mesothelioma Cancer

Stage 2 in Mesothelioma Cancer

Symptoms At Stage Two:-

symptoms could be mild in this stage similar to the first stage though slightly more effective than stage one, and resemble less serious pulmonary diseases. but the prognosis of mesothelioma in the case of patient suffering from this disease is not as good as in stage i, but it’s better than in late-stage cancer like stage three or stage four.

though expanded than first stage, but the tumours are still small and small tumours begin spreading to thin tissue beneath the lung. though surgery is still possible as this stage is next to the initial stage and the tumours are still small and have not reached the other parts of the body. surgical options are more effective than stage three and four and hence providing more chances of survival than stage three or four.

stage second can be called simply as the designation of an early stage of cancer that responds well to surgery and the options like traditional treatment. this stage has the second-best prognosis of all the stages after the first stage.

What Actually Happens:-

in this stage, small tumours start growing on the lining of one lung and start spreading to the underlying lung tissue or the diaphragm. the lymph nodes are free of cancer cells. the cancer remains localized within the chest. pleural mesothelioma originates in the pleural lining, which is composed of two layers, one layer covers the lungs and one layer covers the chest wall.

the symptoms at this stage include fever, weight loss, shortness in breathing, difficulty while breathing, and cough or chest pain. though these symptoms are mild as the stage is still the second one and might resemble with those of less serious lung diseases like pneumonia. but these symptoms might not be taken unseriously in any case if the patient discovers it accidently.

the treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy and the procedure of the treatment remains much of the same as stage one as the stage is still an initial one. the patient needs to have courage and opt options like chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy. though any tumour if left can be treated with surgery.


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