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2 Most Stylish Way To Wear a Scarf

How To Wear a Scarf


Scarf is something that enhances the beauty of a woman if she wears it with style or even can spoil it if worn in an improper way. Here in this topic, we are discussing some of the ways to wear a scarf with a style that makes you look like the attraction of everybody’s eyes.

2 Most Stylish Way To Wear a Scarf

2 Most Stylish Way To Wear a Scarf

Things To Keep In Mind While Wearing A Scarf:-

1. Choice of scarf is important, purchase a scarf with a color that suits your face. Your face is something that defines your entire physique and choosing a bad color may spoil your entire look.

2. be careful while tying a knot, it should not be made a hanging spot for you. Some females are not careful while tying a knot and not even while looping the scarf around their neck and the scarf hence makes them keep on suffocating and complaint that the scarf has become a problem for them.

Wearing Technique:-

Here we are explaining two methods to wear a scarf with style for women what if done in a proper way are enough to make you a styling icon.

1. The Styling Knot:-

the first method to style your scarf on your head is to style it with knots, In this method, we just need to arrange the scarf loosely or casually over the shoulders in a way that one of the ends or the scarf gets longer than the other end and the longer end should be made to get looped like a circle around the neck two times in the same manner and the end that was made to be looped should be taken around the neck and should be made to fit through the another loop made like wisely making a knot tied out with either ends of the scarf. And the loops thus made should be fitted over the knot thus tied such that both the ends dangle off the loop to the other direction in a slight way.

2. The Eight Shape:-

The second method to style and wear a scarf is to style it in the shape of eight. In this method, the scarf is arranged lightly over the shoulders making both the ends of the scarf to be tied to make sure that the first knot tied out does not slip and the loop shaped like an “O” should be twisted to make it a “∞” or a lying “eight” shape and the base loop of the “∞” should be arranged lightly over the head making the scarf worn with style.

you can even make a style of your own as it is not to have experiments on yourself in the field of style but always keep in mind that while trying to wear a scarf to enhance your looks in your own style, try to take an advice from a friend or your mother or elder sister before getting out with it as what may seen stylish to you might seem to be a fun for others, so dress out yourself in a decent way while getting out with your scarf arranged on your shoulders.


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