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Top 10 Interesting Kangaroo Facts And Information

Top 10 Interesting Kangaroo Facts


The meaning of Kangaroo is “Big footed” this animal is found in the areas of Australia and has got a tail. There are four common species of this animal that include the red kangaroo, the eastern grey kangaroo, etc. Kangaroo is the unofficial sign of Australia and often this animal has got a tail with its body, powerful hind legs and large feet. The tail of a kangaroo enables it balance while making locomotion. Here are some facts about this animal that will surely look interesting to you.

Top 10 Interesting Kangaroo Facts And Information - HowFlux

Top 10 Interesting Kangaroo Facts And Information

1. Kangaroos like to stay in groups. You may find 4-5 kangaroos moving together or the counting may even increase as they like to stay in families or groups.

2. According to a fact, there are not as much humans in Australia as there lives the number of kangaroos.

3. Red kangaroos may grow up to 2 meters in size and they can hop up to a speed of 65kmph. Kangaroos are good swimmers and in water they make use of their legs kicking them so as to swim unlike the case of land where they move their hind legs together so as to go for hopping.

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4. Kangaroos are found to use the process of hopping as a means of locomotion unlike the other animals who generally walk or run. In one leap, a kangaroo can jump about 3 meters high and 7.5 meters long.

5. Talking about hopping, only kangaroos are the animal on this planet that uses the process as a means of traveling. This process enables them to cover a large distance in a single interval of time.

6. A kangaroo baby travels from the birth canal to the pouch where it spends several months before it gets able to leave. Female kangaroo can easily determine if the baby is a male or female and can even control the gestation process if it sees some harm in bringing the Joey or baby to this world.

7. Even after moving out of the mother’s pouch, still if a Joey will see fear moving outside, It will hop and jump up to the mother’s pouch thinking it to be the safest place for it to live in.

8. Often it is seen that a young kangaroo baby jumps to the mother’s pouch only when it gets frightened.

9. A kangaroo can move its ears in different directions without even physically touching it so as to hear what’s going around and make an estimate of the surrounding danger.

10. The baby kangaroo is known as a Joey. There is a pouch at the stomach area of a female kangaroo where this Joey lives when it is too small. The male kangaroos are called the bucks or boomers. Female kangaroos are called does, flyers or jills.


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