10 Interesting Facts About Pandas

Pandas are bears native to south central China. They can be easily recognized thanks to the distinctive black patches around their eyes, over their ears, and across their bodies. They are folivores, meaning they love eating leaves. Below are facts that will help you get to know more about these adorable giants apart from the ultra popular knowledge that they’re crazy over bamboos!

1. An adult panda that weighs about 45 kilos can devour 12 up to 28 kilos of bamboo each day in an eating session that could last up to 14 hours!

2. Earliest records of the existence of pandas go as far back as two million years ago.

3. Pandas aren’t born black and white. They are pink, fur-less, and blind as babies, and they only transform into the pandas that they are about three weeks after their birth. Also, in very rare cases, pandas can also be brown and white!

4. Pandas can produce up to 28 kilos of stool—which usually don’t smell—a day. They also poop up to 40 times a day, and, sometimes, can poop and eat at once. They can easily be traced through their droppings, which, sadly, previously contributed to their being more endangered.

5. Most pandas are August babies. Their mating season takes place from March till May, and gestation period lasts from three to five months. A female panda usually gives birth to two offspring, however, only the stronger baby eventually survives in the wild.

6. A panda’s stomach, which has more muscles compared to those of normal animals, is built to properly and efficiently digest bamboos. The inner surface of its stomach is protected by a mucus layer, which safeguards the organ’s lining from possible ruptures.

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7. Pandas have 42 carnivorous teeth and possess extreme bite power that could surpass that of other carnivores. Still, they prefer bamboo shoots and leaves over meat as those sorts of food suit their sluggish nature, and they don’t have the energy to chase after preys. Though they eat small animals every once in a while, bamboo always wins!

8. Pandas love water, so the bamboo forests of China are an ideal habitat for these bears. And, yes, they can swim!

9. Pandas are massive bears that can grow up to 6 feet, and can weigh up to 136 kilos.

10. Pandas are great climbers, too. They have the ability to clamber up heights ranging from 12,000 to a thousand more feet!