10 Interesting Facts About Cats

Our feline friends are some of the cuddliest, most amazing creatures on this face of the planet! Yes, they can be moody and bossy at times (there seems to be some truth to these accusations), but nobody can deny the happiness and comfort they bring. Now, let’s go beyond their squishy bodies and try to discover more interesting things about them. Why do they act the way that they do? Do they have superpowers? Do they sweat, too?

1. A purring cat is not always a happy cat. Though most cats usually purr out of contentment, they can also make this sound when they’re stressed, sick, or hurting. They also purr when they’re giving birth!

2. Ancient Egyptians respected cats to the point where any person guilty of harming or killing cats had to face harsh punishments including death penalty. They loved cats so much they altered the image of their goddess Bastet’s lion head into that of a domesticated cat.

3. Fur-less Sphynx cats actually have warmer bodies—by four degrees—than the typical cat species.

4. Cats sweat through their paws and they pant when they feel extremely hot.

5. A cat can jump to as far as six times its length, and as high as five times its height.

6. Meowing may seem like a usual thing for cats to do, but nobody knows the science behind it. Adult cats don’t meow to interact with their fellow felines, though when they were babies, they would make such sound to call their mothers’ attention. Some experts have explained that meowing is possibly a way for them to demonstrate their physical needs and express their emotions.

7. A cat has 244 bones. A human being only has 206.

8. Experts claim that felines hate water because having wet fur may not be the most comfortable feeling in the world as it can get too heavy, or they are simply frightened to lose control of their buoyancy while in the water.

9. A cat spends almost two-thirds of its entire existence snoozing. Well, for cats, sleep is life!

10. Cats are such grooming addicts they spend up to half of their day cleaning themselves up. For felines, grooming allows them to evenly distribute natural oils all over their coats, keeping them warm and dry. It also helps them de-intensify their scents so to avoid predators, and promotes blood flow as well. Furthermore, grooming may also be a sign of affection between two cats. Additional fun fact: Their saliva has enzymes that act as natural antibiotic for their wounds!

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