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10 Indoor Game Ideas for Youth Groups

10 Indoor Games for Youth Group


Youth or grown ups consist of the major part of the population and thus there consists a need to look for the approaches that can help them pass their time without getting bored and they can’t even choose to move out every time. Indoor games can be played in a single room and can prove to be quit fun as well. In this article we are providing you some of the indoor games that youth can play when they get bored in their lifestyle.

10 Indoor Game Ideas for Youth Groups - HowFlux

10 Indoor Game Ideas for Youth Groups

1. Playing Cards:-

Simply purchase a pack of playing cards and play playing card games like poker, rummy and any other card based game with your partners so as to pass your time in a better way. You can even manage to play card based games on internet if you are alone in the house.

2. Damsharas:-

Damsharas is a game in which one of the game players mimics some movie name and the others have to tell the name of that movie. You can even choose to play the other such games like truth or dare in which you are given tasks to complete if you choose a dare and you need to tell some truth about yourself if you choose a truth after a bottle is rotated.

3. Video Games on Play Station:-

If you have got some play station video game with you, you can even choose to play it in single player or multi player mode so as to pass your time having fun on it. You can manage to bring home multiple game CD’s so as to play them when you feel bored.

4. Pillow Passing:-

It is an easy home based game in which you all the players sit on a mat while music is being played passing pillow to each other and when the music is stopped, all of a sudden, the person with pillow in his or her hands has to complete the task that others give him.

5. Carom:-

Carom is a board game played with a striker and bi-color pieces. The main focus is to score a queen keeping an aim on the pieces of the color you choose and getting the pieces reach the holes at the respective corners of the board.

6. Stripping Games For Couples:-

If you are a couple getting bored at house with nobody except you inside, you can choose to play stripping games with your partner that involve one piece of cloth to be stripped each time the partner loses. These games will rather bring you close towards each other while making you get free from boredom as well.

7. Treasure Hunt For Couples:-

If you are a couple, you can also choose to play a treasure hunt game in which one of the partner hides up the sexual toys or the other such stuff by writing clues on a chit and the other partner has to find them out making the use of those clues and when the partner wins, he or she gets a treat in bed.

8. Ludo Or Snake & Ladders For Casual Playing:-

If you are an unmarried youth or if there is somebody at home to interfere between, you can even choose to go for the other home based fun games like Ludo or snake & ladders, etc. that just need a dice to be thrown and the players making moves according to it.

9. Mimicry games:-

You can even choose to go for the other games like mimicry games in which all the players sit while one of them is given a mimicry based task to complete and the player who is able to do good mimicry of the others thus wins the game.

10. Bingo or Chess:-

You can even choose to go for the other such games like bingo which includes crossing up the numbers in a chit while picking up the numeral pieces. You can even choose to go for The other such games like Chess etc., which involve you to make strategies so as to defeat the other player making use of your mind.


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